Hair Simulation

What is hair simulation, how to apply


Hair simulation is a process applied on hair follicles with paints specifically developed for this purpose. It is also known as hair tattoo, hair simulation, micro hair, hair shadowing, and hair pigmentation. It is suitable for both men and women. While it is known as hair tattoo, tattoo inks are not used. They are tailor-made paints specifically produced for hair pigmentation. This prevents possible discoloration that might occur over time. Black color changes to dark blue or green in other pigmentation procedures done with tattoo inks. Kaizen Beautify experts carry out the hair simulation practice without using any tattoo ink at all.

Is hair simulation a surgical method?

In contrast to hair transplantation, hair pigmentation is not a surgical method.

Will it impact my daily life?

You can maintain your daily routines after the hair pigmentation.

Which is more efficient: hair simulation or hair transplantation?

Both practices essentially complement each other.If an insufficient amount of hair is transplanted on each zone in the hair transplantation, the hair pigmentation method can easily cover the hair gaps.Hair transplantation and hair simulation may be performed simultaneously. Or you may choose to get only hair simulation, based on your needs.Kaizen Beautify offers only hair simulation.

Will I see the results immediately after the hair pigmentation?

You can see the results of hair simulation practice right away.

Where can I get more detailed information?

If you need more information, or would like to check your hair mapping, you can drop by our center.

For more information, call 05453226201

Hair Simulation Frequently Asked Questions

It is a type of micro pigmentation applied to hair follicles.It is performed with special devices and paints.It creates a hair effect on parts of the scalp where hair is sparse.It helps your hair appear abundant and thick.It also delivers better results to cover marks, wounds, and surgical scars.

It will last 3 to 5 years on average. This process may be repeated after 3 to 5 years based on your new hair map.

The thickness and color of hair may change over time.Your hair structure is analyzed with another procedure applied on your hair follicles.

It is also called as hair simulation, scalp pigmentation, hair tattoo, and so on. 3D is also one of them.It gives your hair a 3D density effect.

You may feel very limited pain as the micro needles do their job.We apply special gels to ease the pain for our customers with sensitive skin.You can return to your daily routine immediately after the procedure.

It definitely cannot be applied to individuals who have hemophilia, hepatitis, and HIV.If you have a blood disorder such as anemia, approval must be sought from your physician before proceeding.

The duration depends on the size of the hair parts. It usually takes 1 to 3 hours.

Hair simulation is not a surgical operation.Tiny hair effects are applied on the hair follicles.While you typically wait almost a year to see the concrete results of a hair transplantation, hair simulation delivers the results right after the treatment.Those who have undergone the hair transplantation operation can also have hair simulation.In several cases it can be applied together with the hair transplantation.

We use only water-based paints that are specifically produced for hair simulation process. We do not use tattoo inks.These inks are natural, and appropriate for the human body.

Rates vary based on the hair map.You can drop by our center, or call us or send us message on WhatsApp for rates.

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