Hair Simulation Training

Certificate Program


Kemal Turşin, who brought the hair simulation concept to Turkey, offers customized face-to-face training.

Training programs include sessions about the devices, inks, and equipment used in hair simulation.

Trainees are provided information about the use and maintenance of the hair simulation devices.

Exercises implemented throughout the training program ensure hands-on experience for trainees.

Trainees will be able offer this practice actively at the end of our training programs.

Full-day training programs bring the trainer-trainee relationship to the forefront, resulting in the highest training quality.

As the trainees learn, the trainer tracks their progress.

The training starts with artifacts and mannequins, and ends with application on living tissues.

Hair Simulation Training lasts one day.Hair forming and device information Practice on living tissue.Scalp Micro-pigmentation training is offered tailor-made and in person. We have a practical training program.

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