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Hair loss is a genetic and age-associated condition that can develop in older people as well as in youth. Thinning hair can negatively impact the lives of those effected. Hair simulation is the process of covering with pigmentation parts of the scalp where hair is sparse due to hair loss. This process is also carried out under different names such as hair pigmentation, hair tattoo, micro hair, and hair shadowing.
How is hair simulation done?
Hair pigmentation is performed by identifying parts on the scalp where hair is sparse and making pigmentation maps matched to the needs. Tailor-made hair maps are formed taking into account individual needs. Anyone who has no hair on their scalp can have the appearance of very short-cut hair in just one session with hair pigmentation. Facial features are always taken into consideration during the process. Hair simulation is applied based on these features. Micro pigments are applied on the scalp as part of the pigmentation process. These points create the appearance of a hairy scalp, helping the hair effect take shape on hairless parts of the head.
Is hair simulation a surgical operation?
No, hair pigmentation is definitely not a surgical operation. It is usually completed in a day, and you can easily maintain your daily routine. Hair pigmentation does not have any impact on your daily life.
What is the essence of the paints used for hair simulation? Are they tattoo inks?
They are tailor-made paints produced specifically for hair simulation. Tattoo inks can fade in time. This is why our center absolutely does not use any kind of tattoo inks.
How is hair simulation done?
This practice is carried out in varied periods based on individual hair mappings. It might take 2 to 3 hours. If the scale of the hair-loss zone is minimal, it will take less than that. Micron-sized needles are inserted in the hair follicles during the hair pigmentation practice. It might feel like getting a tattoo on your skin. Special gels are applied before the practice to relieve this feeling.
Where can I get more detailed information?
You can get into touch with our experts, or check your hair map by dropping by our center.

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